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Colin Abernathy
Abernathy, Colin
Office 5
boardoffice5@enidk12.orgEnid Public School
Julie Adams
Adams, Julie
Pre K Teacher
jladams@enid12.orgCoolidge Elementary School View Website
Sandra Adasiak Adasiak, Sandra
skadasiak@enidk12.orgAdams Elementary School View Website
Adriana Aguila Aguila, Adriana
Food Preparation
aaguila@enidk12.orgEnid Public School View Website
Jamie Aguilar Aguilar, Jamie
jlaguilar@enidk12.orgGarfield Elementary View Website
Julio Aguilar Aguilar, Julio
jmaguilar@enidk12.orgGarfield Elementary View Website
Tearia Aisen Aisen, Tearia
Food Preparation
thaisen@enidk12.orgEnid Public School View Website
Nancy Alcaraz Alcaraz, Nancy
Food Preparation
nalcaraz@enidk12.orgEnid Public School View Website
Kerry Alcorn Alcorn, Kerry
kjalcorn@enidk12.orgWaller Middle School View Website
Amy Allen
Allen, Amy
8th Grade Language Arts Teacher
alallen@enidk12.orgEmerson Middle School View Website
Ann Allen Allen, Ann
amallen@enidk12.orgLincoln Academy View Website
Cathy Allen Allen, Cathy
cmallen@enidk12.orgAdams Elementary School View Website
Christina Allen Allen, Christina
Teacher Assistant
clallen@enidk12.orgEnid High School View Website
Jeffery Allen Allen, Jeffery
jdallen@enidk12.orgEmerson Middle School
Marcus Allen
Allen, Marcus
msallen@enidk12.orgMonroe Elementary School View Website
Nancy Almaraz Almaraz, Nancy
Teacher Assistant
nalmaraz@enidk12.orgMonroe Elementary School
Misty Alvarez
Alvarez, Misty
mdalvarez@enidk12.orgMonroe Elementary School View Website
Renee Andersen Andersen, Renee
Food Preparation
rsandersen@enidk12.orgEnid Public School View Website
Laresa Anderson Anderson, Laresa
lmanderson@enidk12.orgGarfield Elementary View Website
Renee Anderson Anderson, Renee
Cafeteria Hostess
rsanderson@enidk12.orgAdams Elementary School
Robert Anderson Anderson, Robert
RDANDERSON@enidk12.orgEnid High School View Website
Tandy Anderson
Anderson, Tandy
Title 1 Reading Teacher
tlanderson@enidk12.orgMcKinley Elementary School View Website
Penny  Angleton Angleton, Penny
School Nurse
Coolidge Elementary School
Penny Angleton, RN, BSN Angleton, RN, BSN, Penny
School Nurse
pdangleton@enidk12.orgEnid Public School
Ronald Appelman Appelman, Ronald
rgappelman@enidk12.orgEnid High School
Becky Arens Arens, Becky
barens@enidk12.orgLongfellow Middle School View Website
Cheila Armour
Armour, Cheila
Pre K Teacher
caarmour@enidk12.orgCoolidge Elementary School View Website
Mary Armstrong Armstrong, Mary
Teacher Assistant
mdarmstrong@enidk12.orgPrairie View Elementary School
Kevin Artman Artman, Kevin
kjartman@enidk12.orgGarfield Elementary View Website
Tanea Artman Artman, Tanea
Assistant Principal
tlpack@enidk12.orgLongfellow Middle School View Website
Cristin Ashcraft Ashcraft, Cristin
Library Media Specialist
cdashcraft@enidk12.orgWaller Middle School View Website
Cody Atkinson Atkinson, Cody
Computer Technician II
cratkinson@enidk12.orgEnid Public School View Website
Angela Atwood Atwood, Angela
Teacher's Assistant
ajatwood@enidk12.orgCoolidge Elementary School
Blaine Atwood Atwood, Blaine
blatwood@enidk12.orgEnid High School View Website
Charles Austin Austin, Charles
craustin@enidk12.orgHoover Elementary School
Susan Babbitt Babbitt, Susan
Teacher's Assistant
srbabbitt@enidk12.orgGlenwood Elementary School
Kim Bailey Bailey, Kim
kabailey@enidk12.orgHoover Elementary School
Annette Baker Baker, Annette
Food Preparation
ambaker@enidk12.orgEnid Public School View Website
Barbara Baker Baker, Barbara
babaker@enidk12.orgWaller Middle School View Website
Katy Baker
Baker, Katy
lbaker@enidk12.orgWaller Middle School View Website
Jo Baldwin Baldwin, Jo
Food Preparation
jabaldwin@enidk12.orgEnid Public School View Website
Lori Banks Banks, Lori
lbbanks@enidk12.orgEnid High School View Website
Barbara Banta Banta, Barbara
Barbara Banta Title 1 Reading and Math
bjbanta@enidk12.orgGarfield Elementary View Website
Frances Bartel Bartel, Frances
fibartel@enidk12.orgTaft Elementary School View Website
Roy Bartnick Bartnick, Roy
Fifth Grade Teacher
rrbartnick@enidk12.orgCoolidge Elementary School View Website
Mary Barwick Barwick, Mary
mjbarwick@enidk12.orgEnid High School View Website
Raymond Barwick Barwick, Raymond
rjbarwick@enidk12.orgEnid Public School View Website
Sally Barwick Barwick, Sally
Teacher's Assistant
sabarwick@enidk12.orgWaller Middle School
Haley Batchelder Batchelder, Haley
Kindergarten Teacher
hlbatchelder@enidk12.orgGlenwood Elementary School View Website
Cheryl Batterman Batterman, Cheryl
cabatterman@enidk12.orgEnid Public School View Website
Robyn Beauchamp
Beauchamp, Robyn
rlbeauchamp@enidk12.orgPrairie View Elementary School View Website
Misty Beckner Beckner, Misty
ELA Teacher
Longfellow Middle School View Website
Brandon Beichler Beichler, Brandon
bcbeichler@enidk12.orgEnid High School View Website
Lynell Beierschmitt Beierschmitt, Lynell
lkbeierschmitt@enidk12.orgEnid Public School View Website
Jenny Belair Belair, Jenny
Food Preparation
jlbelair@enidk12.orgEnid Public School View Website
Cathy Benge Benge, Cathy
Library Media Specialist
clbenge@enidk12.orgLongfellow Middle School View Website
Steven Binkley Binkley, Steven
smbinkley@enidk12.orgWaller Middle School
Suzy Binkley Binkley, Suzy
SBINKLEY@enidk12.orgWaller Middle School View Website
Sally Bishop Bishop, Sally
sjbishop@enidk12.orgMonroe Elementary School View Website
Marty Bittle
Bittle, Marty
MJBITTLE@enidk12.orgHoover Elementary School View Website
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