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Paige Becking Becking, Paige
pnbecking@enidk12.orgMonroe Elementary School View Website
Misty Beckner Beckner, Misty
ELA Teacher
Longfellow Middle School View Website
Brandon Beichler Beichler, Brandon
bcbeichler@enidk12.orgEnid High School View Website
Lynell Beierschmitt Beierschmitt, Lynell
lkbeierschmitt@enidk12.orgEnid Public School View Website
Jenny Belair Belair, Jenny
Food Preparation
jlbelair@enidk12.orgEnid Public School View Website
Cathy Benge Benge, Cathy
clbenge@enidk12.orgLongfellow Middle School View Website
Steven Binkley Binkley, Steven
smbinkley@enidk12.orgWaller Middle School
Suzy Binkley Binkley, Suzy
SBINKLEY@enidk12.orgWaller Middle School View Website
Marty Bittle
Bittle, Marty
MJBITTLE@enidk12.orgHoover Elementary School View Website
Amanda Bixby Bixby, Amanda
albixby@enidk12.orgEisenhower Elementary View Website
Cindy Black Black, Cindy
Administrative Intern
cablack@enidk12.orgEnid High School View Website
Kathy Black Black, Kathy
Administrative Assistant
KLBLACK@enidk12.orgEnid Public School View Website
Donna Bland Bland, Donna
Food Preparation
djbland@enidk12.orgEnid Public School View Website
Marion Bledsoe Bledsoe, Marion
Bus Driver
mdbledsoe@enidk12.orgEnid Public School View Website
Patricia Bledsoe Bledsoe, Patricia
Bus Monitor
pjbledsoe@enidk12.orgEnid Public School View Website
Stephanie Blewitt Blewitt, Stephanie
smblewitt@enidk12.orgGlenwood Elementary School View Website
Ann Blodgett Blodgett, Ann
Food Preparation
amblodgett@enidk12.orgEnid Public School View Website
Lisa Bloom Bloom, Lisa
PE Teacher
LDBLOOM@enidk12.orgGlenwood Elementary School View Website
Lisa Bloom Bloom, Lisa
LDBLOOM@enidk12.orgGarfield Elementary View Website
Steve Bloom
Bloom, Steve
Cross Country Head Coach and Girls Track
swbloom@enidk12.orgEnid Athletics
Steve Bloom Bloom, Steve
swbloom@enidk12.orgEisenhower Elementary View Website
Corey Blough
Blough, Corey
CLBLOUGH@enidk12.orgCoolidge Elementary School View Website
Denise Blume
Blume, Denise
DSBLUME@enidk12.orgPrairie View Elementary School View Website
Hailey Boeckman Boeckman, Hailey
hmboeckman@enidk12.orgEnid High School View Website
Brittany Borgesi Borgesi, Brittany
baborgesi@enidk12.orgMonroe Elementary School View Website
Jacqueline Boss Boss, Jacqueline
Teacher - Title 1 Math
jrboss@enidk12.orgWaller Middle School View Website
Jasmine Boswell Boswell, Jasmine
Teacher's Assistant
jcboswell@enidk12.orgHoover Elementary School
Joetta Botts Botts, Joetta
jlbotts@enidk12.orgPrairie View Elementary School
Joetta Botts Botts, Joetta
jlbotts@enidk12.orgGlenwood Elementary School
Jaclyn Bowen
Bowen, Jaclyn
jpbowen@enidk12.orgMcKinley Elementary School View Website
Debra Bower
Bower, Debra
dkbower@enidk12.orgMcKinley Elementary School
Alexia Bowles
Bowles, Alexia
ajbowles@enidk12.orgMonroe Elementary School View Website
Holly Boyd
Boyd, Holly
HHBOYD@enidk12.orgHayes Elementary View Website
Cheryl Boyer Boyer, Cheryl
Bus Monitor
clboyer@enidk12.orgEnid Public School View Website
Fred Boyer Boyer, Fred
Bus Driver
feboyer@enidk12.orgEnid Public School View Website
Ashley Bradley
Bradley, Ashley
Pre-K Teacher
ambradley@enidk12.orgMonroe Elementary School View Website
Lisa Brainard
Brainard, Lisa
lmbrainard@enidk12.orgEmerson Middle School View Website
Dana Brakhage Brakhage, Dana
djbrakhage@enidk12.orgPrairie View Elementary School View Website
Sammie Braly Braly, Sammie
Administrative Assistant
slbraly@enidk12.orgEnid Public School View Website
Ryan Bridenstine Bridenstine, Ryan
rnbridenstine@enidk12.orgEnid High School View Website
Virginia Briggs Briggs, Virginia
Food Preparation
vmbriggs@enidk12.orgEnid Public School View Website
Susan Brinley
Brinley, Susan
SKBRINLEY@enidk12.orgHayes Elementary View Website
Michael Britt Britt, Michael
mnbritt@enidk12.orgWaller Middle School View Website
Kimberlee Brittain
Brittain, Kimberlee
Assistant Principal
kdbrittain@enidk12.orgCoolidge Elementary School View Website
Trisha Brooks Brooks, Trisha
Library Assistant
tabrooks@enidk12.orgHoover Elementary School View Website
Brieanne  Brown Brown, Brieanne
Crossing Guard
bebrown@enidk12.orgPrairie View Elementary School
David Brown Brown, David
Bus Driver
dbbrown@enidk12.orgEnid Public School View Website
DeeDee Brown
Brown, DeeDee
Special Education Teacher
dabrown@enidk12.orgEmerson Middle School View Website
Jacob Brown Brown, Jacob
Teacher's Assistant
jdbrown@enidk12.orgHoover Elementary School
Jennifer Brown
Brown, Jennifer
jrbrown@enidk12.orgCarver Early Childhood Center View Website
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