Thumbnail Image for Article 17777School Board Leaders Honored in January
Posted Date: 01/24/2018

January is School Board Recognition Month and an opportunity for local schools and communities to honor Oklahoma's more than 2,700 elected school board members for their dedication to children and schools.


"Providing our community's children with a solid education is the most important investment we can make," said Dr. Darrell Floyd, Superintendent of Enid Public Schools. "We're proud of our district, and School Board Recognition Month is the time to say thank you and celebrate the accomplishments of our elected board members."


In Enid Public Schools, school board members must develop policies and make tough decisions on complex educational and social issues impacting the entire community. They bear responsibility for an annual budget of $68 million, 8,000 students, 1,050 employees and 17 schools.


"School board members make critical decisions that affect Oklahoma children and oversee billions in educational expenditures," notes Floyd. "They preserve the core of our democracy - public education."


Gifts, including cards made by students, certificates, hand-painted art, and gift baskets, were provided by schools this month to thank board members for their service.


The men and women serving Enid Public Schools and the year they began their service are Colin Abernathy, 2013, Amanda Phillips, 2015, Trent Misak, 2017, Willa Jo Fowler, 1975, Matt Sampson, 2014, Torry Turnbow, 2014, Kyle Whitehead, 2012, Col. J.J. Loschinskey, 2015.