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NWOSU-Enid Hosts EHS Teach Oklahoma Students

Posted Date: 11/07/2018

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Enid High School’s Teach Oklahoma class visited the Northwestern Oklahoma State University-Enid campus on October 30 to learn more about its teacher preparation program.

The field trip included speaking with current NWOSU students about the requirements of becoming a teacher candidate as well as visiting the EPS/NWOSU Pre-kindergarten classroom to help with a literacy/art project.

“Our students had a great time at NWOSU, and they learned so much about the university’s education program,” EHS Teach Oklahoma sponsor Dusty Hugaboom said. “It is our hope that students in my class will choose to be teachers in the future. NWOSU is an excellent option for them to continue their education, and we feel fortunate to have them as a partner for our program.”

Teach Oklahoma is an initiative sponsored by the Oklahoma Regents for Higher Education, whose goal is to encourage students to consider pursuing teaching as a career. The Teach Oklahoma curriculum focuses on teaching, observation, and professional development, while engaging students in clinical teaching exercises.

A grant, written by NWOSU Division Chair and Associate Dean Dr. Christee Jenlink, from the Regents, made the EHS visit possible. The grant also provides similar opportunities to students at Woodward High School.

“Collaborations such as these are essential for ensuring we are able to meet the needs of students in our classrooms in the future,” Jenlink said. “This project is a positive approach to resolving the teacher shortage.”

EHS Teach Oklahoma students involved in the event include: Alexandria Barron, Raven Conyers, Ashli Davis, Katherine Donaldson, Emmily Edwards, Daisy Flowers, Halee Gamble, Kira Higgins, Kayla Kelley, Alison Moore, Emma Stewart, Natasha Stocks, Axton Thurman and Breanna Trammell.

NWOSU education majors involved in the event include: Caitlin Evans, Kirstie Hoffman, Emily Bellinger, Morgan Webb, Kelcie Hainley and Brannon Robinson.