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Media Guidelines

Media Guidelines

To our media partners:

Thank you very much for your support of Enid Public Schools and the students and families that we serve. Your coverage is appreciated, and it is my goal to help you with your job by providing timely and accurate information about the district. Enid Public Schools believes in transparency and open, honest communication. I would like to take this opportunity to share several of the district’s media relations guidelines, services and procedures with you:

  • A list of media opportunities, including upcoming events and programs, will be emailed by the fifth of each month to organizations that request one. Updated lists may be received throughout the month. Please contact the Communications Executive Director or the building principal if your organization is planning to cover an event or program on the list.
  • The Communications Department sends by email press releases about upcoming events, student recognitions and more. If you would prefer to receive the information in another format or if you do not currently receive releases, please contact the Communications Executive  Director. I am happy to accommodate your request.
  • The Executive Director of Communications is the first point of contact for media representatives covering school-related news, programs or events. For sports-related interviews or information, please first call the Athletic Director or the head coach of the respective sport.
  • School employees and students may be interviewed during the school day when such interviews, in the judgment of the principal and the Communications Executive Director, do not disrupt the school environment or the health, safety and welfare of students and employees.
  • All visitors, including members of the media, are required to check in at the school office upon arrival. Because this provides a safer environment for our students, there are no exceptions to this rule.
  • EPS is committed to protecting and respecting the privacy of its students and their families. Some parents request that their children’s names and photographic images not be released to the public, and the district must, by federal law, comply with this request. Your cooperation is appreciated. (Family and Education Right to Privacy Act)
  • Media organizations are reminded that, in accordance with state law, businesses and agencies are responsible for ensuring that employees they send to work on school property are not sexual or violent offenders. (57 O.S. 589)
  • EPS has developed an extensive crisis communication plan to keep the public informed in the event of an emergency. For the district’s crisis communication media guidelines, please read below.
  • News releases, board agendas, lunch menus, calendars and more are also available 24 hours a day by visiting our website,

If you have any questions, please let me know. Again, thank you for your support of Enid Public Schools. You provide a valuable service to the residents of our community and state.

Jane Johnson
Director of Human Resources & Communications
Enid Public Schools



Crisis Communication Media Guidelines

Enid Public Schools recognizes the responsibility of the news media to provide accurate and timely information to the community concerning issues and events that occur in the district’s schools. During times of crisis, it is the intent of EPS to safeguard our students and staff, as well as their families, while managing the safety and security of our schools. It is, however, also our intent to cooperate with news media to ensure accurate and appropriate news coverage. Therefore, the following guidelines will govern the district’s communication practices during a crisis situation:

  • The main focus of EPS officials during any time of crisis will be on the security and safety of all students and staff. Our secondary focus will be to return the school to its instructional program while supporting and meeting the emotional and physical needs of the members of our educational community.
  • District officials will work cooperatively with local law enforcement officials to secure and manage the crisis situation. Together we will provide factual, current information to the community.
  • The Communications Director serves as the district spokesperson, unless otherwise determined by the Superintendent. Media access to students and staff on school property and/or during the school day will be limited and organized by the EPS Communications Department.
  • All media representatives must contact the Director of Communications to ensure access to regular updates and information and to be admitted to news briefings. Credentials may be issued by EPS for those following this protocol. Media representatives are also encouraged to wear credentials issued by their respective newspapers and stations.
  • District officials will determine the access that the media will be granted within our schools. At its discretion, EPS may offer interviews with staff and students (with parental consent) in a controlled environment. No interviews will be conducted during school hours or on school property without the presence of an EPS administrator.
  • EPS is committed to protecting and respecting the privacy of its students and their families. Cooperation from members of the media is appreciated.
  • Special events may be handled by media pool assignment at the discretion of EPS officials.