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Teacher Scholarship Program

Teacher Scholarship Program



In 2005 the Greater Enid Chamber of Commerce approached the Enid Public School Foundation concerning managing a scholarship fund for EPS teachers pursuing a masters degree. The scholarships were funded for three years by annual $1000 donations from each of the following: the Greater Enid Chamber of Commerce, Advance Foods, and Great Lakes Carbon. 


In 2008 the Foundation took over funding of the scholarships. The Educator Scholarship Program, commonly known as the Teacher Scholarship program has enabled numerous EPS educators to complete advanced degrees. 


Applicants submit an application (see below), letter of recommendation, current resume and official transcripts as part of the application process. You do NOT have to be a classroom teacher to qualify for this scholarship. Applications are evaluated using a matrix and not all applicants will be selected due to availability of funds.


Upon acceptance of the scholarship, recipients agree to successfully complete the course(s). Students will be responsible for repayment of the scholarship amount for any courses resulting in an “I” or “W” on the grade report.


Scholarship recipients must meet the following requirements:

  • remain employed by Enid Public Schools
  • maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA
  • be degree seeking and be admitted to a graduate degree program


Applications for the 2021-22 school year are due by: January 3 (spring semester), May 2 (summer session) and August 2 (fall semester)


Enid Public Schools educators may download a copy of the application here.


Recipients of the Educator Scholarship include:  Alison King, Shirley Gulick, Peggy Kenega, Carolyn LaBrue, Robb Mills, Rick Moulton, Jeanice Polwort, Jena Bolt, Janet Jones, Rhoni Herell, Shelea Bennett, Tammy Hromas, Jody Whitehead, Lawana Hayes, Carly Maly, Susan States, Sherri Hendrie, Beth Kelly, Craig Liddell, Rene Stoffels, Michelle Adams, Jamie Aguilar, Shannon Burk, John Anna “Annie” Heathman, Katy Jantzen, Sarah Owens, Brandon Beichler, April Swinnea-Ogg, Kelly Hartling, Vanessa Byrum, Dudley Darrow, Chris Jensen, Robert Kappus, Lori Miles, Ricardo Tarango, Sarah Dry, Ashlyn Dempster Hatley, Jessica Perkins, Jessica Singley, Rhonda Stuart, Jill Steuver and Kelsey Johnson and Jayden Dobbs.

Contact Information

Enid Public School Foundation

Janna Jackson, Executive Director

P.O. Box 3325

Enid, OK 73702

(580) 366-8385