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Energy Management

Energy Education Program

By working together, Enid Public School employees and students have reached an energy cost avoidance of $6,770,450 from the inception of the program in 1991 through the 2014-2015 school year.  (29% Cost Avoidance)  Our energy conservation has also impacted our environment.  It is equivalent to planting 1,097,060 tree seedlings for 10 years.

The Enid Board of Education believes it is the responsibility of the board to insure that every effort is made to conserve energy and natural resources.  The Energy Education Program’s success is based on the joint responsibility of the board, administration, teachers, students and support personnel.  The goal of the program is to conserve energy while maintaining a safe and comfortable atmosphere. 


We can all do our part by taking time to implement good energy conservation habits.  All EPS staff members and students are encouraged to turn off lights when leaving an empty room.  Computers, monitors, and other electronic equipment should be off when not in use.  Thermostats should be set appropriately for the season.  Be sure to keep doors closed when AC or heating systems are in operation.  (Note:  Our AC and heating systems are controlled by a Honeywell Management System, which sets start/stop times to optimize savings and comfort.  After hour AC/Heat requests must be submitted by an administrator.)


Considerable energy savings can be expected when we “shutdown” prior to holidays and breaks.  District-wide reminders are sent to all EPS personnel before Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break and the end of school.  The reminders include specific items to be turned off or unplugged.


The Energy Education Manager will perform regular energy audits in buildings and classrooms throughout the district.  These audits are done to ensure that we are not only complying with district-set energy conservation guidelines, but also maintaining a comfortable environment for all.


Steve Peck
EPS Energy Education Mgr.                           
580-366-7094 (Office)                                                     
580-554-9953 (Cell)


Thank you for your continued dedication to the conservation of energy!


Contact Info

Ron Garrison, Director

Office: 580-366-7061


Yvette Lopez, Admin Asst. 

Office: 580-366-7090