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Recruitment Stipend Terms



Certified New Teacher Recruitment Stipend Terms

Enid Public Schools will pay a one-time $2,000 recruitment stipend to teachers accepting employment with the District that are properly certified and will be teaching in the areas of Special Education, Secondary Mathematics, Secondary Sciences, and World Language. (Certification in the specific subject area is required.)  

Former employees will be eligible for the recruitment stipend if they have been gone from the District more than one (1) school year and have not received a recruitment stipend in the past.

Beginning with the 2018-19 school year, active employees may receive the signing bonus if they achieve new certification in a qualified area AND are selected for and accept a teaching position in a qualified area. No employee will be eligible for more than one signing bonus.

The maximum stipend payable to any new employee will be $2,000.  This stipend must be approved annually by the board of education.  

New teachers certified in the above areas who are hired before September 1 will receive their stipend (less applicable taxes) on their first monthly paycheck in September.  Stipends for teachers hired after September 1 will be paid according to the payroll processing deadlines set for each month.

Please Note: The candidate must be certified in the subject area. Elementary certificates at the middle school level do not qualify. If the candidate becomes certified in one of the four subjects, then he/she will eligible for the bonus.



Pending Certification:  Employees who are pending certification will receive the recruitment stipend once they achieve appropriate provisional or standard certification.  Employees who are certified in another area but have yet to add the qualifying endorsement will be treated as pending certification.  Those employees will receive the recruitment stipend once they achieve appropriate certification.  Please note: The Human Resources Department must have your original teaching certificate.  


Mid-year hires:  The $2,000 recruitment stipend is based on a full academic school year totaling 184 days.  If you are hired as a full-time teacher mid-year, you can estimate the amount of your stipend by dividing $2,000 by 184, then multiplying that number by the number of contract days you are scheduled to work.   You can find your number of contract days on the final page of your letter of intent/temporary contract or by contacting the HR Department.    


Mid-year hires who are offered the same position (or another eligible position) the following school year are eligible to receive the balance of the stipend on September 20 of the following year.  


Part-Time employees:   Employees who are less than full-time will receive the corresponding proportion of the recruitment stipend.  For example, half-time employees will receive half the stipend.  Part-time employees hired mid-year will then use the calculation above to determine the exact stipend amount.  


Early Termination:  The recruitment stipend is provided based on the signed agreement that the employee will fulfill his or her teaching contract.  Should an employee not fulfill his or her contract, that employee is no longer eligible to receive (or keep) the full stipend.  Adjustments to the stipend based on the number of days worked — even if it was previously paid in full—will be made to the employee’s final paycheck.  In the unlikely event that the employee’s final paycheck will not cover the amount owed, the employee will be required to pay the balance.

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