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2020-21 Teachers of the Year

Meet your 2020-2021 Teachers of the year!

Click on their pictures to see their thoughts on what teaching means to them!

  • Our paths may be uncertain, our journey may take us to places we had not anticipated, but we have the power to overcome the obstacles and find the joy in our journey.
  • What I most enjoy about teaching are the relationships I get to build. Whether with my students and their families, my colleagues, or my administrators, I value each experience and opportunity for connection.
  • Dreams lead to big ideas! Inspirings our students to dream can lead to innovations and changes for our future. As a teacher I can inspire my students to think beyond their bubble and to challenge them to reach their full potential.
  • My message for my fellow educators and the community is to remember your reason why. When things get hard or tough, remember why you do what you do. Find the light in the darkness and teach your students to do that also.
  • Be positive. Be honest with your students. Teach with integrity. Remain hopeful. You are vital to the lives of the children of Oklahoma, and I truly believe, whether it feels that way or not, you are appreciated.
  • What I enjoy most about teaching is who I share my classroom with. Together we explore, create, and inspire! We grow to understand that making mistakes is natural, builds our confidence and gives us the courage to not give up on our journey to success.
  • Teaching isn’t just a profession, it’s a calling. No one embodies this more than the inspirational, innovative teachers, who are doing everything they can for their students right now.
  • I am willing to do whatever it takes to meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of all of my students. My goal every single day is to show all of my students that I value them and will provide the tools and guidance that they need to succeed.
  • What I enjoy most about teaching is being of service to others through the collaboration of ideas and knowledge, so that the people in my community can enhance their personal goals and opportunities.
  • I can assure you that we as teachers are thriving in the face of a world wide pademic, refusing to allow this pandemic to define us. We are adapting and evolving continually to our current situation just like we have forever: thriving and surviving.
  • Some people never see a child's excitement when something finally makes sense, as a teacher I get that chance almost every day.
  • Success looks different for so many of our students, however, it's there and when we help them reach it, we become better teachers and people.
  • I enjoy being with my students and see the emotions of amazements, joy, excitement, happiness, and curiosity on their faces when they actually learn something new!
  • Remember to find the joy in the small moments within your classroom. When we realize that we have the ability to change lives, our student relationships become so vital.
  • It is important to remember every student has the ability to learn and we must always be striving to challenge and inspire students pursuit of knowledge.
  • More than anything I enjoy setting a high standard for my students and seeing their apprehension regarding their ability to meet the standard.  I love celebrating with them when they accomplish what they didn't think was possible!
  • I enjoy knowing that my students have learned important life lessons along the way.