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Where is the Campus Police office?

It is at Enid High School. They are located in the Western/Upper food court.

Where do I get an ID?

The assistant principals office located on the north eastern corner of the second floor main building.

Do I need a parking permit?

If you intend on parking in the school student parking lot then yes, you need a parking permit/decal.

Where Do I put my Decal?

It goes on the driver’s side bottom left hand corner on the inside. Next to the VIN (vehicle identification number).

If I get a different car or new windshield, what do I do with my current decal?

Bring your old decal to the assistant principals office to be replaced free of charge. If you do not bring the old one, it will be a five dollar fee for a new one.

What if I am borrowing a car for a short time?

You can park off campus or purchase a parking sticker that will allow you to park in the school student parking lot.

Do I need to get a decal every year?

Yes, every year you must purchase a new parking permit/decal.

Can I park in the faculty lot?

No, this is for faculty only. If you are a student and you park in the faculty parking lot, you will receive a parking ticket. Repeated offenses will result in an increasing fine and eventually may lead to your vehicle being towed.

What is the cost of a Decal?

It is $5 for a parking permit/decal.

What is the cost of an ID

It is $10 for a student ID and you must present a valid ID to receive a student ID.