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Frontline Technology Changes

EPS now uses Single Sign-On for Absence Management!

What does that mean?

It means that when you log into your computer/the district network each day, Absence Management and Time Management will automatically know who you are! It will not be necessary to enter your Frontline username and password. You simply click on the program icon on the district start-up page, which you can access from the district website under “Staff Resources” or by visiting: 


You will then be asked which system you want to use.

Screenshot 2

What if I am not using a school computer?

You can access the EPS start-up page on the district website under Staff Resources. Once you click on the Absence Management and Time Management icons, you will use the same login and password that you use for your main EPS computer/network access. (The login page will look different than it has in the past, but you will see our district logo, verifying that you are in the correct location.)

The Frontline Technology sign-in page can also be located directly by visiting:  

Will this work for Absence Management (AESOP) AND Time Management (Veritime)?

Yes! Once you are logged in, you can toggle between the two programs by selecting an icon in the top corner of the frame.

What if I have an employee account and a campus or organizational user account?

No problem! Single sign-on will recognize you when you sign into your computer. Then, you can toggle between your accounts by selecting the feature in the top corner of the frame.

What if I am a substitute?

You will use this same process as employees. Please use your EPS computer/network login and password. You can access the login location from home by visiting:   

What if I am a substitute and I do not know my computer/network login and password or  I have never used it?

Usually – but not always – an employee’s username is his/her first initial, middle initial and last name (such as jdsmith for Jane Doe Smith). 

Your password is whatever you changed it to when you first logged into the EPS network or an EPS computer. Your password cannot be email recovered; however, you can call the EPS Tech Department at 366-7070 to reset it. 

If you have never logged into the EPS network or an EPS computer, then your temporary password is hello123. You must change your temporary password by visiting Please enter your username and temporary password, and the system will ask you what you want to change your password to. 

You can then use your username and new password to log into Frontline at:   

What if I use a FOB to clock into work?

There will be no change to this process.