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Excellence for ALL: Teacher Award

teacher award

Excellence for All is more than a motto; it is a way to ensure the needs of every child are met.

Some students are working to overcome language barriers, while others face the adversity of a learning disability. Some students require the rigor of more challenging curriculum, while others need extra support to deal with traumatic events in the lives.

Every student is different, and – for Enid Public Schools – all means ALL.

The Excellence for All Teacher Award, sponsored by Dan and Karen Randall, honored EPS educators who go above and beyond to ensure the needs of all students are met.

Two $500 awards were granted to two teachers (from two different schools) each month. Schools were honored in the order of their socioeconomic need, based on their free- and reduced-lunch percentages.

Congratulations to all winners:

September 2019: Jennie Scott at Garfield Elementary, Jesseca Patnode at Longfellow Middle School.

October 2019: Lexi Farmer at Coolidge Elementary, Betsy Weaver at Monroe Elementary.

November 2019: Richele Irwin at Adams Elementary, Allison Lentz at McKinley Elementary.

December 2019: Jane DiLuzio at Emerson Middle School, Linda Outhier at Enid High School.

January 2020: Jami Lewis at Hoover Elementary, Bridget Stovall at Taft Elementary.

February 2020: Ashley Martin at Glenwood Elementary, April Ogg at Hayes Elementary.

October 2020: Leigh Johnson at Prairie View Elementary, Lisa Eldora at Waller Middle School.

November 2020: Emily Marti at Eisenhower Elementary, Becky Meyer at Fowler Early Childhood Center.

December 2020: David Powell at Lincoln Academy.

Thank you to Dan and Karen Randall for sponsoring this award and recognizing our excellent educators!

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