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EPS Educational Re-entry Plan


Dear EPS family:


I’d like to first express my thanks to our families, students, teachers, support staff, and administrators for their resilience over the past few months. These times are unprecedented, unlike anything we’ve experienced in our lifetimes, and the Enid Public Schools community has met every challenge while remembering what is most important – the health and safety of our families. I am proud to be your superintendent.

Our staff has been working diligently this summer on a plan for what school will look like this year. We have considered the fact that our students need a quality learning experience while also taking precautions regarding COVID-19.

The following plan outlines options for all learning scenarios in 2020-2021:  in-person learning, virtual learning, and blended learning for all schools. This plan is the result of the diligent research and the hard work our staff, and I thank them for their efforts.

We understand that this school year will look different than any other before it and that adjusting to change will take time. We also know that our faculty, staff, and families are committed to ensuring that our students learn in a safe environment. Again, maintaining the health and well-being of our students, faculty, and staff in a safe learning environment is our top priority. We believe this plan is a good place to start with that goal in mind, while also providing parents with appropriate learning options from which to choose.

Thank you for your support of Enid Public Schools.


Dr. Darrell Floyd

EPS Superintendent


Click HERE to view the full EPS re-entry plan (updated as of December 2020).


Key Definitions to Know:

Synchronous Learning- Synchronous learning is when the teacher and the students participate in online learning activities at the same time.  The teacher provides learning resources and tasks through video-conferencing enabled through Google Classroom or SeeSaw during a specific time.

Asynchronous Learning- Asynchronous learning is when students and teachers are learning the same material but at different times.  The teacher provides learning resources and tasks in Google Classroom (Grades 3-12) and SeeSaw (PreK-2). Students access learning at a time that works for them and their families.

Click HERE for our COVID-19 student self-assessment guidelines.

Click HERE to view the Elementary Guidelines.

Click HERE to view the Secondary Guidelines.


Enid Public Schools Education Re-entry Plan FAQ

  1. What is the official mask policy for EPS?

Answer: EPS will follow the color coded Covid-19 Alert System to determine instructional setting, health protocols, and activities. Click here for a chart identifying these protocols to be followed at each level. While at the yellow level and beyond, EPS requires the wearing of masks in all indoor spaces. While in the yellow level only, Pre-K through 3rd grade students will be allowed to remove their masks, while in the classroom at the teacher’s discretion. At orange level one and beyond, Pre-K through 3rd grade students are required to wear masks at all times while indoors.

  1. Are there health exemptions for wearing masks?

Answer: As with anything, we will look at the needs of the individual students and make exemptions for those students needing exemptions. In that event, EPS may reach out to the family about providing documentation. EPS would of course not penalize a student if that were the case.

  1. Is the attendance policy being reviewed/revised to allow for more days out?

Answer: We are awaiting final guidelines from the State Department of Education about what the attendance policies might look like.  Right now, the plan is that if a student has to work from home because they have COVID-19 or are quarantining due to possible exposure, they would be counted as present for the time as long as they met the requirements for their grade level.  Those requirements are listed in the Elementary and Secondary addendums. 

  1. What are the requirements for snack time in the classrooms? 

Answer: We will allow snacks in the classroom but they will have to come to school with the student. We will not be allowing parents to send snacks for the entire class on a “rotating” basis.

  1. Listed under virtual learning it states that regardless if your child is brick and mortar, there will be two virtual assignments pushed out each week. Are those assignments expected to be completed by brick and mortar students in addition to the regular weekly workload?  

Answer: Yes, those assignments will be part of the instruction.  Many teachers already make assignments through Seesaw or through Google Classroom.  This will just become an expectation for those teachers that have not embraced the blended learning model of Instruction. These assignments are not in addition to, they are a part of the blended learning model.

  1. If my child does both online and on campus if for some reason one day they don't go to campus but works online are they counted absent? 

Answer: Students that are attending on campus need to commit to being on campus just like any other year. If the student has a legitimate reason to be absent, such as illness or quarantine, that absence will be recorded until they return to school. This is not an opportunity for students to not go to school because they don’t feel like it on a particular day. All of this being said, we are still receiving guidance from the Oklahoma State Department of Education when it comes to absenteeism and what that looks like during COVID-19 times. We will continue to educate our families when we know more. Also, if a secondary student chooses to do virtual, or ePREP, that does allow for the student to do school work online and do activities (i.e. any fine arts or sport) on campus. This is not an option for elementary students doing virtual.

  1. What will the requirements look like for pre-k students?

Answer: We are giving our youngest learners the option to attend school in-person or do a virtual option, whichever the parent chooses is best for their student. Because there are not very many options available for Pre-K online learning, there will be lessons pushed out a couple weeks at a time in order for parents to work on needed skills with their child. This is still a work in progress. 

  1. What will happen with concurrent classes?

Answer: EHS and NOC concurrent courses are still on schedule for this school year. Same with Autry classes.  

  1. Can a student start in the classroom at the beginning of the year and then switch to virtual?

Answer: The commitment to either option is for a semester at this time. The reason for this is that we have to purchase licenses for students for the virtual curriculum and we have to staff classrooms based on who is attending in person. Exceptions to this would have to go through the office of the Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education or the office of the Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education.


If you find that a question is not listed here, please contact EPS at 580-366-7012 and we will see about adding it to the list and getting it answered!