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Instructional Services


Our mission is to build and maintain relationships that maximize the strengths, resources, and talents of our diverse community to provide an environment where learners will become responsible, well rounded, global citizens. Our goal is to align curriculum that is rigorous, relevant and provides students with skills to become college and career ready. 

Dudley Darrow

Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education

Randy Rader

Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education

Administrative Assistant Team to Assistant Superintendents

Rebecca Ostroski                    Kayla Fleer

580-366-7018                                 580-366-7032

Kristen Jones

Curriculum Director


                                              Kitty Herbel                     Andrea Semrad-Gober

                                                     STEAM Coordinator                     District Testing Coordinator

                                                                  580-366-7083                                                  580-366-7034      









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Instructional Services