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Enid High School Branding


Thank you for supporting Enid High School, and thank you for helping to promote the new school brand! Obtaining permission to use the new logos is easy, and we are happy to assist you! Go Plainsmen! Go Pacers!

STEP ONE:          

If you are a regional or national retailer/vendor, please click here to learn more about our Trademark Licensing Program. If you are not a regional or national retailer/vendor, please proceed to STEP TWO.

Review the Reference Guide to determine which logo you would like to use. Please Note: These are the only approved logos that can be used to represent EHS.

STEP THREE:         
Review the EHS Brand Standards & Logo Guidelines Handbook to ensure you are planning to use the logo appropriately. This includes the official colors of navy and Carolina blue. (If you want ideas of how to print inexpensively with one color, you can review the One-Color Reference Guide.)

Download the logo you wish to use HERE.

You can find the logo you want by matching the name of the folder to the name of the logo on the Reference Guide. Logos that have been personalized for different programs can be found under the “Program Logos” folders. (If you do not see one you need, please contact Miranda Johnson at for assistance.) Once you have found the design you want, we recommend downloading the whole folder (rather than single file) to ensure you have the logo in the file format you need.

STEP FIVE:       
Send the file to the vendor of your choice and work with them to design the product you want to create. Please be sure to follow the rules established in the EHS Brand Standards & Logo Guidelines Handbook.

STEP SIX:          
Send the proof to EPS for final approval before printing.

If you represent a Booster Club or an athletic, music or extracurricular program or club, please email the proof by email for approval to: Billy Tipps at and cc:

If you represent a vendor, PTA, businesses, alumni committee or community group, please email the proof by email for approval to: Jane Johnson at and cc: 

Include the following:
Applicant’s name, organization, title, and contact information;
Purpose (group fundraiser, partnership identification, special event, promotion, etc.)
Medium in which it will be used (on clothing, novelty items, in flyers, publications, etc.).