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Food Allergy and School

Your School Nurse has the expertise to plan for your child to safely attend school.

Health Questions or Concerns?

Contact your School Nurse.

Your Child is Vomiting.

Students should stay home until eating and drinking normally.


Keep you child home 24 hours post fever (without fever-reducing medicines) so your child can fully recover.


It's the BEST Healthy Habit!

Growth and Development Classes

Check your school calendar for classes. Curriculum is available for review through the Health Services office. Call 580-366-7050.


See "Parent Resources" for more information about this devastating illness.

Immunizations are required for school attendance.

Contact your health care provider or school nurse to see if your child's shots are up to date.

Head Lice?

Click "Parent Resources" for information about treatment.

If your child has health problems...

Your School Nurse has the specialized knowledge, skills and experience to coordinate your child's care at school.

Vision Screening PK to 5th Grades

Check the Health Services calendar for dates. If your child has glasses, make sure they are worn on screening day.


"Parent Resources" has information about preventing and/or treating a home infestation.


If you child has a chronic illness and needs medicine during the school day, click on the "Medications" link for information.

Health Services


School Nurses are registered nurses, educated to address the wide range of health concerns that impact children and interfere with their ability to learn. Our school nurses identify health issues in students that impede school performance, making it possible for students to receive needed referrals, treatment and enabling them to achieve.  School Nurses provide health services that both prevent and treat illness so students stay healthy and in school.  Healthy students have better attendance and academic achievement.

Health Services nurses provide care to all students of Enid Public Schools.  Each nurse is assigned to several schools but is "on call" for health-related concerns and emergencies throughout the school day.  Our school nurses are also a valuable resource for students, their families, and school staff.   Please contact your school nurse if you have health concerns for your child or questions.  

The nurses of the Health Services Department help Enid Public Schools fulfill its goal of educating the "whole child."  Children can succeed academically when they are healthy.