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Medication Forms

Medication Forms


To Our Health Care Providers


Student safety and well-being are priorities when any school district policies are created.  When developing medication policies, Enid Public Schools had to take into consideration that unlicensed personnel would be administering medications under the supervision of our school nurses.  We wanted to make sure the medications health care providers ordered for their patients during the school day would be administered correctly and without incident.

Our school board policy allows us to only give medications that are for chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, behavioral or attention disorders, seizure disorders, severe allergic reactions (i.e. nut, food or insect allergies), migraine headaches or cystic fibrosis.  We cannot give antibiotics, nose or eye drops, antihistamines, or over-the-counter medications during the school day.  However, OTC medications for lactose intolerance and migraine headaches are accepted.

In order to safely administer medications at school we ask health care providers to write orders for only one medication per school permission form.  We also ask that you include “at home” and “at school” on your prescription for the pharmacy so that the medication label can reflect exactly what needs to be given when. 

Written prescription suggestion:

“Ritalin 10 mg”

“One tablet AM at home and one tablet NOON at school.

Just a note regarding asthma inhaler vs. nebulizer use at school:  young children seem to do very well getting a reliable dose of their inhaled medications when using a spacer.  The inhaler plus spacer is easy to use and provides quick relief no matter where the child is located on campus.  They are also more portable than a nebulizer and do not require a power source.  Please recommend nebulizer treatments for home use.

Enid Public Schools’ mission is to help each student obtain his or her academic potential in the safest and healthiest environment possible.  It is also our wish to assist you in the care of your patients.  Your assistance in our effort to safely give students medications at school is greatly appreciated.  Please feel free to contact Enid Public Schools Health Services 580-366-7050 if you have any questions or concerns.


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