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Human Growth and Development




Growth and Development Classes

Developmentally appropriate human growth and development education is provided in several courses throughout the Enid Public Schools health curriculum.  

The goals of the Enid Public Schools human growth and development presentations are:

  • To develop a comfortable and trusting classroom atmosphere so that discussions and learning about development can take place
  • To provide accurate information about the physical changes of puberty and to help students develop positive attitudes about their changing bodies
  • To encourage and enhance communication between parents and their children

The course content at the elementary and secondary levels includes:

  • 5th Grade:  The physical changes of puberty are discussed with boys and girls separately with the school nurse.
  • 7th Grade:  Abstinence events for boys and girls; a Tea for the girls in the Fall and a Tailgate Party for the boys in the Spring are hosted during school hours by hundreds of community sponsors, coordinated by the Hope Outreach Parenting Resource Center.  The events are strictly informational, not religiously based.
  • 8th and 10th Grades:  HIV/AIDS, how it is transmitted, high-risk behaviors, prevention, and the importance of responsible behavior and healthy choices.


We, at Enid Public Schools, strongly believe that the teaching of human growth and development is primarily the responsibility of parents.  The EPS program is designed to assist parents with that responsibility by presenting a developmentally appropriate, straightforward, fact-based program of instruction.  Growth and development curriculum is available for inspection by parents.  Please feel free to contact the Director of Health Services at 580-366-7050 for additional information.  

Parents may opt out of participation of their children in any classes or events by notifying the school office in writing before the classes are taught.

The following are the 2019 dates for the HIV/AIDS education for 8th grade boys and girls only:

  • EMS – May 7th during 5th/6th hour
  • LMS – May 9th during 5th/6th hour
  • WMS – May 14th during 5th/6th hour

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