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Vision Screening






Vision Screening

Vision screening for our students in grades PK through 8 will begin this fall in our elementary schools as well as our early childhood centers.  Vizavance screeners, with the assistance of the Enid Masons and school nurses, will screen approximately 5000 children.  

Vision screening is just that, a screening, and is not designed to diagnose vision problems. If a child has difficulty with the screening process, parents are notified by mail of those results, and an evaluation by an eye care specialist is recommended.  25% of children have undiagnosed vision problems.  Evidence shows that early detection of vision problems prevents vision loss. And good vision is essential to how well a child succeeds in school. 

Even if your child visits an eye care specialist yearly, we recommend all children participate in the vision screening events so we have a record that your child has been screened. However, if you do not wish for your child to be screened, please submit your request to opt out of the screening in writing to your school before the event.  Dates of screenings are on the Health Services calendar.  Call your child's school nurse if you have questions or concerns about vision screening.

Oh!  If your child wears glasses, please make sure those glasses are worn on screening day!