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"Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can."

John Wesley  

Our History

The Enid Public School Foundation, founded in 1988, is a nonprofit corporation organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. It is a broadly based community organization which secures contributions from individuals, corporations, foundations and other entities for the benefit of the students in the Enid Public School district of Oklahoma.

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Email: foundation@enidk12.org

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Education Celebration

The Education Celebration began in 2014 and honors outstanding teachers and support professionals across the district for their excellence. Each campus selects a finalist to compete for District Teacher of the Year, and the winner is announced at this event. Support professional finalists are also selected in each of these categories with a winner announced at the event. 

Like all our projects, the Education Celebration is in partnership with Enid Public Schools as we work together to honor our district’s highly qualified teachers and support professionals.

2022 Teachers of the Year

The 'E'vent 2023

The 'E'vent

This event would not be possible without the support and assistance of Enid Public Schools! Their experts assist the Foundation with scheduling, publicity, sound, set-up and most importantly, the training of our student talent. 

The ‘E’vent, a perfect evening of music, food, and family, is held in the spring. The ‘E’vent celebrates Enid Public School student talent and benefits the Foundation. Enid bands, orchestras and choral groups perform at the Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center.  It coincides with the Tri-State Music Festival because many school musical organizations have programs prepared for competition. A picnic style dinner is served by teachers and a host of volunteers and families enjoy dining on blankets and lawn chairs. The ‘E’vent replaced the Festival of the Stars in 2002.

Innovative Teacher Grants

Spring 2023 Teacher Grant

The Enid Public School Foundation’s mission, simply stated, is to support and expand educational opportunities for EPS students.

One way the Foundation supports education is through our innovative teacher grants. Twice each year, Foundation Trustees go into classrooms all over the district and award grants to teachers and their students. The Foundation’s total giving to EPS classrooms through our Grants to Teachers Program is over $760,000!

Enid Public School Foundation continues to increase the amount of funding available for teacher grants, yet we are still only able to fund about one-third of these great ideas. We know that in every classroom in Enid there are students with great potential.  Our goal is to touch each one of them.

Those who have generously given to this cause are known as Signature Donors. We are thankful for their support of the Foundation and, by extension, EPS teachers and students. Visit our Signature Donor page to see a list of Enid community members that fund Teacher Grants.

Please consider making a gift to our endowment or providing match funds to help us in this important endeavor.

EPS teachers: Teacher Grants are accepted on our approved Google Form. Please email foundation@enidk12.org for more information.

Teacher Scholarship Program

In 2005 the Greater Enid Chamber of Commerce approached the Enid Public School Foundation concerning managing a scholarship fund for EPS teachers pursuing a masters degree. The scholarships were funded for three years by annual $1000 donations from each of the following: the Greater Enid Chamber of Commerce, Advance Foods, and Great Lakes Carbon.  

In 2008 the Foundation took over funding of the scholarships. The Educator Scholarship Program, commonly known as the Teacher Scholarship program has enabled numerous EPS educators to complete advanced degrees. 

Applicants submit an application (see below), letter of recommendation, current resume and official transcripts as part of the application process. You do NOT have to be a classroom teacher to qualify for this scholarship, paraprofessionals and administrative staff applications are also considered. Applications are evaluated using a matrix and not all applicants will be selected due to availability of funds.

Upon acceptance of the scholarship, recipients agree to successfully complete the course(s). Students will be responsible for repayment of the scholarship amount for any courses resulting in an “I” or “W” on the grade report.

Scholarship recipients must meet the following requirements:

  • remain employed by Enid Public Schools for a period of one year

  • maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA

  • be degree seeking and be admitted to a graduate or undergraduate education-related degree program

For those interested in applying, please contact Director Janna Jackson at foundation@enidk12.org.

Recipients of the Educator Scholarship include:  Alison King, Shirley Gulick, Peggy Kenega, Carolyn LaBrue, Robb Mills, Rick Moulton, Jeanice Polwort, Jena Bolt, Janet Jones, Rhoni Herell, Shelea Bennett, Tammy Hromas, Jody Whitehead, Lawana Hayes, Carly Maly, Susan States, Sherri Hendrie, Beth Kelly, Craig Liddell, Rene Stoffels, Michelle Adams, Jamie Aguilar, Shannon Burk, John Anna “Annie” Heathman, Katy Jantzen, Sarah Owens, Brandon Beichler, April Swinnea-Ogg, Kelly Hartling, Vanessa Byrum, Dudley Darrow, Chris Jensen, Robert Kappus, Lori Miles, Ricardo Tarango, Sarah Dry, Ashlyn Dempster Hatley, Jessica Perkins, Jessica Singley, Rhonda Stuart, Jill Steuver, Kelsey Johnson, Jayden Dobbs, Cayla Nicolan, Alexandria Castellanos, Maggie Logan and Matthew Johnson.


University Center construction was completed on the Enid High School campus in 2013. With an extensive slate of college dual credit and Advanced Placement courses, its curricular program can save students more than $30,000 in college expenses.

Students attending the University Center have a host of resources available that make receiving college credits affordable. Currently, state funding covers tuition costs for seniors, Enid High School provides textbooks for all students, and eligible students receive tuition fees through the Vicki and Kevin Davis Scholarship Program.

If you would like to help provide programs through the University Center, such as scholarships or ACT prep classes, please contact the Foundation at foundation@enidk12.org


The Enid Public School Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees. The Board meets every two months on the second Wednesday of the month at noon. If you are interested in joining our board, please fill out a Volunteer Information Form (linked below) and return to foundation@enidk12.org or mail to P.O. Box 3325, Enid OK 73702.

Board of Trustees

Amber Fitzgerald, President

Maranda Phares, Vice President

Jennifer Byrd, Treasurer

Lora Whitehead, Secretary

Joe Highberger

Buster McClish

Anita Trojan

Taylor Venus

Jennifer Williams

Dr. Dudley Darrow, ex officio

Lisa Dillingham, ex officio

Janna Jackson

Janna Jackson, Director

Janna Jackson took over the reins of the EPS Foundation in October 2016 after serving on the Board of Trustees for two and a half years. Originally from northwest Oklahoma, Jackson moved to Enid in 1989 and pursued a degree from Phillips University. Upon graduation, Jackson stayed in the Enid area and eventually found a niche working in the non-profit sector at Community Development Support Association. Her heart for children and their welfare has driven her to volunteer her time in numerous organizations, including several local schools, Junior Welfare League, and the Garfield County Child Advocacy Center where she is currently a CASA volunteer. Jackson lives in Enid with her husband Kevin and daughter Danielle who attends Enid High School. Her daughters Brianna, Lauren and Ava are all graduates of Enid High School.

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